Why us

We believe learning is a process and, as such, needs regular adjustment to changing needs. We trust students know what they need and we would rather guide and assist them than have one learning method for everybody. Students are always at the centre of their learning process. Reaching students’ goals is what matters.

Interesting facts in a nutshell

  • experienced teachers
  • classes tailored to your needs
  • personalised feedback and support
  • one-to-one or small groups
  • 97 % satisfaction rate
  • students from 5 continents
  • age ranges from 16 to 60

Our teachers

All our teachers have gained and developed their professional expertise while teaching both abroad and in New Zealand. They have taught in prestigious international schools and universities as well as for some of the world’s biggest companies, such as 3M, Santander Bank, IKEA, Siemens and Volvo. Between them, they have taught on five continents.

We place an emphasis on providing professional teaching and strong interpersonal skills. Our teachers have experience in communicating effectively with people from many different cultural backgrounds. They are experienced in all levels of language training, from General English to various exam courses and ESP courses.